Friday, October 3, 2008

Phil Mison @ DOS TRES dj set

Without further adieu, here's PHIL MISON's dj set from last week @ the office - either stream it for instant gratification and satisfaction (gratisfaction?) or click the "divShare" to download for future reference.

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Monday, September 29, 2008

10/02 - Residents' Night @ DOS TRES

After two back-to-back weeks of out-of-town talent, DOS TRES is keeping it local this Thursday... but that doesn't mean the music won't be as fresh as any other week. I have it on very good authority that:

     Bob will be playing some of his latest 99-cent thrift shop & ebay finds (one man's trash is another's disco bliss),

     Barry will be digging through his 30,000+ (a modest estimate... not kidding here) record collection for long-lost floor fillers that will move you,

     Mark -- aka CALSOUND.COM's vinyl buyer numero uno -- will be pulling together a "special retro HOUSE NOT HOUSE set!!!",

     Dr. Indulgent be bringin the creme of the minimal crop and some of this brand new genre he's just discovered, "mono techno",

     Morgan was unavailable for comment at time of posting but will likely be taking a well-deserved break from his session drummer duties and pulling some soulful stuff the ladies will love.

be there,

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Love Dancing with Phil Mison - 09/25 recap

In case you weren't in attendance, PHIL MISON (half of nuBalaeric outfit REVERSO 68) dropped by and played some records for us last Thursday -- disco-tinged balearic boogie for the peak and then a Lofty rock/disco/world/whatever-he-wanted-to-drop set for the cooldown.

At one point Dr. Phil decided to give the bartenders a breather and played an absolutely infectious sequence of disco dance that -- as your DOS TRES residents watched jaws-agape -- had EVERYBODY in the club ditch the bar to fill the floor for some truly passionate love dancing.

A whirlwind of feet and arms and smiles. A truly special night and special set.

Pending Phil's approval we'll have clips of the set up and ready to be podcasted - in the meantime get subscribed to stay tuned for DOSTRES updates.

bidding thee adieu,

ps - next thursday will be a residents' affair, with your hometown heroes playing freshly minted electro/nuDisco/boogie/old house/italo/re-edit/minimal hits PLUS their secret treasures from decades of digging - do not miss.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Phil Mison of Reverso treats San Diego to a real taste of Balearia on 9/25

Reverso 68 Myspace

Producer, songwriter, musician & Balearic DJ pioneer, Phil Mison championed the chill-out music genre from its inception in the early 90’s. Mison, who began his storied DJ career at London’s famed Milk Bar after slipping Underworld’s Darren Emerson a bedroom mixed tape, segued into producing after a decade of DJing around the world and touring with bands such as Leftfield. In 1995, he released the first of his Soundcolors compilations, the groundbreaking series that introduced the world to chill-out electronic music. As CANTOMA, Mison distilled the Ibiza flavor into an original artist album. REVERSO 68 is the studio based project of Phil & Pete Herbert. (the duo also recorded an electro-dub inspired album as Frontera.) The two met many moons ago while Phil was a resident at the Cafe Del Mar in Ibiza. Over the last few years Reverso 68 have released numerous original productions as well as remixes for The Juan Maclean, Bent and Manhead, to name a few. The REVERSO 68 sound could be descibed as a deep mix of Balearic disco and spaced out, melodic electronics made with the dancefloor in mind. Phil cites numerous musicians and DJs as leaving a lasting impression, including DJ Harvey and David Mancuso.

Word on the street is that he tore it up last week at TONY WATSON's "After Dark In The Parc" night last Saturday. Word has it that it will happen again at DOS TRES so DON'T MISS THIS!

3936 30TH ST SDCA92104
9PM-2AM / 21+

Opening resident DJs
for the night will be:



Monday, September 15, 2008

G.B. & The Tracks

We, the folks of DOS TRES, absolutely love our left-field disco jams. We live for the stuff. So I thought it would only be appropriate to start off the DOS TRES blog with a couple of tracks from the mysterious Canadian disco outfit G.B. & The Tracks. They sound more like they are from outer space than Montreal. Listen for yourself.

G.B. & The Tracks - My Kind Of Woman (Tako Edit)

Sunday, September 14, 2008