Sunday, September 28, 2008

Love Dancing with Phil Mison - 09/25 recap

In case you weren't in attendance, PHIL MISON (half of nuBalaeric outfit REVERSO 68) dropped by and played some records for us last Thursday -- disco-tinged balearic boogie for the peak and then a Lofty rock/disco/world/whatever-he-wanted-to-drop set for the cooldown.

At one point Dr. Phil decided to give the bartenders a breather and played an absolutely infectious sequence of disco dance that -- as your DOS TRES residents watched jaws-agape -- had EVERYBODY in the club ditch the bar to fill the floor for some truly passionate love dancing.

A whirlwind of feet and arms and smiles. A truly special night and special set.

Pending Phil's approval we'll have clips of the set up and ready to be podcasted - in the meantime get subscribed to stay tuned for DOSTRES updates.

bidding thee adieu,

ps - next thursday will be a residents' affair, with your hometown heroes playing freshly minted electro/nuDisco/boogie/old house/italo/re-edit/minimal hits PLUS their secret treasures from decades of digging - do not miss.

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