Thursday, September 4, 2008


For those of you with ADD, we'll make this simple...

Electro-Italo-Cosmic-Balearic Disco, Classic-Deep-Acid-Dub-Minimal House, floor-friendly Funk & Rock

THE OFFICE BAR, INC. 3936 30th Street, 92014.

EVERY THURSDAY, 9pm - 2am.

But for the patient, let's flesh out the above a little...

THIS IS THE BLOG FOR DOS TRES, a collective of san diegan djs who were pretty bored with the leftfield dance music options in the san diego night life and got together to do something about it. There really aren't any nights in SD that catered to the crowd that liked their dance music way left of center... so people who enjoyed

Electro-Italo-Cosmic-Balearic Disco, Classic-Deep-Acid-Dub-Minimal House, floor-friendly Funk & Rock

were totally left out in the cold with nowhere to go on a Thursday night. Sometimes LA would pick up the slack but that's not a fun drive. All in all a very sad state of affairs.

So the DOS TRES boys went ahead and pooled their resources, talent & charm together to pull off a pretty killer Thursday night, currently hosted at The Office Bar in North Park, to which you are cordially invited.

DOS TRES has hosted many cream-of-the-crop international DJs and producers, including...

       Tim Sweeney (Beats in Space Maestro, Death From Above records dj oficialle)

       Maurice Fulton (KATHY DIAMOND's songweaver, too many essential side projects to mention)

       J.D. Twitch (Optimo Espacio Extrordinarre & original Sub Clubber)

       In Flagranti (sultry/sleazy/sexy NYC nuDisco outfit)

...and a ton more who will get written up when we got some more time to.

DOS TRES took a breather at the end of 2007 to recharge their batteries but stepped back up to the plate in summer 2008 to bring you more eclectic evenings of killer leftfield dance. So far we've had FELIX DICKINSON (uk beardo-disco extraordinaire), PHIL MISON (uk balearic-disco homeboy) and ALEXANDER ROBOTNICK (italo-disco OG/god/legend).

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