Monday, September 29, 2008

10/02 - Residents' Night @ DOS TRES

After two back-to-back weeks of out-of-town talent, DOS TRES is keeping it local this Thursday... but that doesn't mean the music won't be as fresh as any other week. I have it on very good authority that:

     Bob will be playing some of his latest 99-cent thrift shop & ebay finds (one man's trash is another's disco bliss),

     Barry will be digging through his 30,000+ (a modest estimate... not kidding here) record collection for long-lost floor fillers that will move you,

     Mark -- aka CALSOUND.COM's vinyl buyer numero uno -- will be pulling together a "special retro HOUSE NOT HOUSE set!!!",

     Dr. Indulgent be bringin the creme of the minimal crop and some of this brand new genre he's just discovered, "mono techno",

     Morgan was unavailable for comment at time of posting but will likely be taking a well-deserved break from his session drummer duties and pulling some soulful stuff the ladies will love.

be there,

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