Monday, September 15, 2008

G.B. & The Tracks

We, the folks of DOS TRES, absolutely love our left-field disco jams. We live for the stuff. So I thought it would only be appropriate to start off the DOS TRES blog with a couple of tracks from the mysterious Canadian disco outfit G.B. & The Tracks. They sound more like they are from outer space than Montreal. Listen for yourself.

G.B. & The Tracks - My Kind Of Woman (Tako Edit)


Charu said...


I want some more information about this blog. I heard a song of Ricky Martin's first album UN DOS TRES. I think this track should also be in your list.


spasticus said...

Thanks for your comment and interest in the Dos Tres Blog. Regarding the Ricky Martin track, after much deliberation with the DOS TRES posse we decided against posting that track just because we feel that Mr. Martin has had his day in the sun. We may do a re-edit at some point and post that but until the this blog shall remain Ricky Martin-less. Furthermore Mr. Martin has been celebrated time and time again and us posting anything having to do with him would just be plain redundant. We want this blog to focus primarily on the unsung heroes of underground dance culture whether it be from this decade or the days of yore. Unfortunately Ricky fails to fall into that category.

Not to change the subject or anything but what did you think of G. B. & the Tracks. Did it conjure up thoughts of living la vida loca? We eagerly wait your response.

DJ Fruit Loops said...

i recently sold my copy of teh album that this song was taken from before i relaized that i had NOT made a copy of it and in particular the original of this song could you post the original ???

Jean said...

Great post! do you by any chance have the original song as well as this one on a better bitrate? thanks so much